Previously on The Wakefields of Sweet Valley: After escaping from the San Francisco earthquake of , Jessamyn Watson, former circus bareback rider, gave. Wakefields of Sweet Valley (Sweet Valley High) [Francine Pascal] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Follow the riveting stories of the. The Wakefields of Sweet Valley (Sweet Valley Saga) [Francine Pascal] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Ned becomes a little stalkerish and keeps showing up where Alice is. Jess moves out to Or Francisco and manages a hotel, and meets two fine guys: Jack, Marjorie’s father is there as well, although we aren’t told how he escaped from Nazi captivity, which I feel is a failing on the part of the ghost-writer. Bruce Farber is basically Bruce Patman, except with a moustache, and when Jessamyn meets him, she is one smitten kitten. Is that not weird? To view it, click here.

I think there is a book though from the point of view of Ned Wakefield’s side of the family where you find out that Marie was Hank’s true love but broke up with him because she was dying of cancer or something and so he never REALLY loved Alice but was still marrying her?

Eleece-a, yuoo’re-a un ideeut. May I suggest that Jessamyn has a promising future as Jessamyn the Sociopath?

The Wakefields of Sweet Valley

He decides to leave for college after all, packs his things, and leaves. Today, of course, Japan and the United States are allies and friends.

Amanda and Sam go to a jazz club. Spirited twi Follow the riveting stories of the women who came before Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield: Oh jeez, I remember really liking this book back in the day. However, for a so-called fluff book, I can recall intricate details of the plot of this book with astonishing clarity even now, 23 years later. But then she meets him and swedt in love, despite wzkefields fact that Samantha is quite taken with him, too. She wzkefields birth to twin girls, Elisabeth and Jessamyn.


Taylor Watson, of Watson Motors, wants to marry Jessamyn. Alice is at college. She starts sending Ted and Bob letters from Germany about some of the atrocities she has witnessed. See 1 question about The Wakefields of Sweet Valley…. She also leaves the best I’m-running-away letter ever, which begins: Anyway, Taylor tells Jessamyn to try on the engagement ring, in case that sways her.

February 5, 2011

Amanda and Samantha are as close as close can be, until their older brother Harry the Steven! Love, betrayal, fate with some probably inaccurate history thrown into the mix. May 17, Michelle rated it it was ok.

Notify of all new follow-up comments Notify of wakefield replies to all my comments. She wants to go back down into the city, through the fires and collapsing buildings, to see if a copper-coloured refrigerator has fallen on top of Taylor.

Magna Edition: The Wakefields of Sweet Valley | HappiMess Media

Steven who dies in infancy and twins Elisabeth and Jessamyn. Also, I’m wakegields sure why this book is called The Wakefields of Sweet Valleyconsidering that Wakefield isn’t the family name for any of the characters in this book, except for Liz and Jessica right on the last two pages.

Oh, and apparently scratch entirely what I said before about Jessamyn not caring about boys. She eventually agrees to marry him, but soon spots him with another girl at the beach. As an adult, meh, I have the same annoyances that I have with Jessica and Elizabeth, which is grow up, girlsand stop being so hateful and selfish all the iterations of Jessica and dumb and naive all the Elizabeths.

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Sweet Valley Saga | Snark Valley

It had warmed Elisabeth to see Matthew’s lined face light up like a child’s as he nodded his head eagerly. One night, Ted finds Amanda writing poetry after everyone else is asleep. Amanda pulled her favourite cloche hat on over her new bob and made sure both her dangling pendant earrings were clipped in place.


I love you, ghost-writer. So yes, I genuinely liked this book.

He kicks her off the Patman property in a rage. Julia thinks this will be her major big break. She tells him off. It rooted from the past which represented the tough choices these women had to make in the name of love.

Samantha has already taken the liberty of trashing the school newspaper office so that Amanda has to stay behind and clean it, so that Sam can get vallye Ted first. He’s top in Sweet and he made the tennis team, so he’s thrilled. Jessamyn is now a hostess at a hotel in San Francisco, California and actively courted by hordes of wealthy male guests, none of whom she really gives a damn about.

They make good friends and Tina teaches Ted all about the jazz scene. Page 1 of 2. Just want to say, i love your blog. He wants Sarah to try to get snobby rich George LeMaitre to court her instead.