T. Henry Moray makes some final adjustments in tuning his radiant energy device to tap zero-point vacuum energy. THE MORAY RADIANT ENERGY DEVICE. The “free energy” invention of T. Henry Moray is probably the most famous and well witnessed in the history of the field. The best version of the device was. Thomas Henry Moray (August 28, – May 18, ) was an inventor from Salt Lake City, Moray’s device followed other work on nuclear batteries first done in by Henry A counter culture has developed with claims about alternative energy, citing Moray as a leading example of lost opportunity and of free energy.

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He also had difficulty in obtaining sufficiently pure materials to make his special mixture for the pellet that enabled tube operation in a one-way gating fashion.

One is a rotary switch that resembles a Tesla circuit controller, another is an electrostatic device consisting of two very light, membranous conductors suspended in a vacuum. Unlimited power is being delivered to everyone’s doorstep.

We have done some preliminary tests, and we believe that todays modern transistor technology t.yenry exceeded what the general public has been told. Off his book, The Sea morag Energy in Which the Earth Floats, Moray presents documented evidence that he invented the first transistor-type valve infar ahead of the of officially recognized discovery of the transistor.

Mr Judd timed me to see how long it would take to bring in the light. Each of these objections was patiently answered and nullified by Moray; nonetheless, the patent has still not been issued to this day, although the Morays still keep the patent application current.

In octaves still higher lie rays which are known as cosmic rays. In Moray’s day relativity was still a strange and unproven branch hhe physics, suspected and rejected by most of the physicists of the day, and quantum physics was still in the process of being worked out.

The circuit is “tuned” until the oscillations are sustained by harmonic coupling to the cosmic wave frequencies. John Moray, who operates the Research Institute in Salt Lake City, has been trying to continue his father’s work since the basic unit was destroyed. Many technical diagrams including those associated enedgy actual patents that have been issued, all together, may create a coherent picture for future research and development in the area of “overunity,” or “zero point” or “free energy.

The Energy Machine of T. Henry Moray: Zero-Point Energy & Pulsed Plasma Physics

Attractions and repulsion take place moday electrified bodies, magnets, and circuits conveying electric currents. They would not believe me when I told them what I had heard, but they said I was repeating their conversation.


Some videos require Quicktimeyou can download it here. As these negative molecular ions are accelerated at the right angles to the wire in the direction of the electric field toward the positively charged catalyst cylinder, they are met by an avalanche of onrushing atomic ions from the catalyst.

Thomas Henry Moray – Wikipedia

Second, because “No natural source of electric wave energy is known to the Examiner and proof of the existence of such a source is required”. Large masses may be set in motion in this manner, acquiring kinetic energy.

One must “split” the energy discharge band into lines of variation call this what you willlines of energy or lines of light beyond eneryy “light rays”. Bob Nolin added it Jan 10, Eric marked it as to-read May 26, These are but forms of vibratory motion connected with and being generated from the same source, the universe.

Using the ‘s inventions of T Henry Moray as a starting point, this book explores a wide range of popular science and frontier physics. However, his basic unit had been destroyed by a hammerslinging witness in ; it is not clear whether or not this was the work of “Z” or of someone else. Moray himself died in May And, so it is with the various forms of energy heat and light, magnetism and electricity. Another thing that you asked me about was the measuring of the voltage or amperage, and I know I did not answer to your satisfaction.

If static our hopes are in vain; if mpray and this we know it is, for certain then it is a mere question of time when men will succeed in attaching their machinery to the very wheelwork of nature.

He has devised a means by which he is able to measure with some degree of accuracy the energy evolved during mental activity; that is, he gets definite, variable deflections of the needle of a sensitive galvanometer which appeared to be related to the vigor of mental activity.

Enough energy is coming to the earth to light over 1. Apparently, the author has thrown together the elements of a slide show presentation; in the section pertaining to the suppression of Moray’s works he writes, “I typically show the following slides only Moray B. All three gentlemen were ths well satisfied and pleased with what they saw The special tubes which appear to be the key to the success of this device are energh cold cathode tubes which require no external power sources.

The other modalities and “tubes” of the device are equally unique in their performance. Perhaps the most wonderful of his inventions is a device whereby he is able to draw electric power from an antenna.


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Thomas Henry Moray

This energy is not derived by induction from power lines, as has been suggested by some, nor is it derived from radio stations, as has been demonstrated by taking the apparatus more than 26 miles from the nearest power line and over a mschine miles from the nearest radio station and showing that it operates just as well as anywhere else. The Moray RE devices have worked equally well in deep mines, under water or high in the mountains and in an airplane.

According to exhaustive documentation, no one was ever able to prove that the device was fraudulent or that Moray had not enedgy exactly what he claimed.

Milos Savic rated it really liked it Mar 13, Henry Morayplease sign up. He also found that an additional fifty kilowatts could be added by simply providing another tap further back in the circuit.

Dr Ross Gunn, a civilian scientist for the US Navy, stated years ago that the earth is a huge generator, generating over million amperes of electric current continuously.

BookDB marked it as to-read Sep 16, Clifford and Einstein founded a branch of physics that has come to be known as quantum geometrodynamics, t.henrry study of energetic change that occurs in little pieces, including the concept that very small lengths of space, or pure vacuum, themselves oscillate at great frequency and with great energy.

How Tesla’s radiant energy receiver worked: Unscrewing the watt Mazda lamp from its socket caused the watt amp to go out, but it immediately lighted when the watt lamp was screwed in its socket. Every one of us is alive by virtue of these energies.

T. Henry Moray | Free Energy

Zacharius Sousa marked it as to-read Aug 10, Energy is internal and inherent. However, I must now state that “the frequency is so high that I have no instrument in my laboratory that is able to measure the amperage or the voltage at this frequency” Dr Murray Hayes has examined most carefully and knows the construction of Dr Moray’s machine, knows the theory in detail, has practically prepared the papers for patent applications Since the source of energy is the universe, the generation of energy by rotary action and by all prime movers is an effect and not a cause.

Knowing what we do at the present time with regard to the structure of atoms, this relationship is not quite so surprising.