Mike Davis charts the expected global urbanization explosion over the next 30 years and points out that outside China most of the rest of the world’s urban. This Pin was discovered by Felipe Amancio. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. Mike Davis – Planeta Favela. Apresentação referente ao capítulo 1 – Climatério Urbano. by. jose moura. on 19 October Comments (0). Please log in to add .

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If this were the Middle Ages, Davis would have made a fine living as a fire and brimstone preacher, leading rows of self-flagellating monks through the streets and warning you that Judgment Day is coming. This was one of the more affecting points of the book. This from a horrifyingly informative sub-chapter titled “Living in Shit. Right now, almost half of the developing world’s urban daviis is sick from a preventable disease associated with poor sanitation.

In Cairo’s slum, called the City of the Dead, a million people live in homes they made out of tombs.

It was like acknowledging it was all people could do. You will find no romance in the revolution prose here. I would have loved to have had some answers aside from finger-pointing. You know how in The Dark Knight there’s that line, “Some men just want to watch the world burn”?

It’s one of those books that makes you entirely reorganize the shelves in your brain. Send the link below via email or IM.

Planneta is non-existent, so disease is rampant. Apr 06, Steffi rated it really liked it Shelves: Dear little Swallow,” said the Prince, “you tell me of marvellous things, but more marvellous than anything is the suffering of men and of women.

But what is to be done in these circumstances?


Do not approach this part with any food in your stomach, I warn you now. The old, pre, drivers of urban growth have largely disappea There are now something like cities with over a million population.

Mike Davis – Planeta Favela by jose moura on Prezi

Urbanization has occurred with astonishing speed in the past 30 years, and around the world the majority of that growth has been in the form of urban slums. Any “high tech miracles” can’t even begin to cover plaaneta number of people in these areas- all it does is increase inequalities.

Present to your audience. That is, of course, what makes it scary. It is well researched and dense with theory and analysis, and is, in that way vital to anyone who wants to understand how contemporary cities develop.

Your senses are bombarded. For instance, cholera, once thought to have dissipated during the Victorian era, still poses a An essential Mike Davis explores in “Planet of Slums” is what kind of world do we live in where we are more concerned with meeting our own creature comforts than trying to help millions of people who are exposed to epidemics, solely because they lack access to clean water? Nov 26, Drew rated it it was amazing Shelves: The romance of the squatter, the idea of the slum as a site of vast creativity, the proposal that slums contain an entrepreneurial energy that only needs to be released by the use dqvis microcredit or by giving slum-dwellers their own land titles to create relative prosperity: Apr 17, Andrew added it Shelves: Third, as an extended essay written in measured polemic, partly to help carry across some rather complex but fragmented ideas to daviss relatively broad Western readership.

Davis has, in the end, no positive prescriptions, aside from a vague idea that governments need to step up and do something, though he also points out that when governments do step and do something, that something — decent public housing, say — is almost invariably captured by the relatively better off.

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Of particular note in the succinct and relentless narrative are the condemnation of ineffective NGOs, the explanation of how true squatting has become impossible due to rising land values, and the shocking final chapter on informal labour. View all 3 comments. There are now something like cities with over a million population.

With Speed and Violence Previous library review: May 08, Aslihan rated it pkaneta was amazing. Each chapter deals with a particular facet of the sociological phenomenon of slums from the mainly descriptive to overviews of government and NGO policies that have contributed to the rapid slumming of the global poor.

Planet of Slums by Mike Davis

I read this a few years back and am rereading it now. I’m not going to lie: Davis’ book is very readable and wonderfully cited information about slums. Desperately poor slum-dwellers in Kinshasa have taken to blaming their poverty on disabled children, whom Pentacostal preachers have convinced them are evil witches.

As the global financial crisis tightens its grip on developed economies, their demand for imported products and services as well as basic commodities, has plummeted, leaving emerging economies in an unprecedented state of vulnerability.

Planet of Slums

Mainly, the book is an apocalyptic screed attempting to rouse general indignation against amorphous capitalist overlords. Urbanization was once an indicator of development, economically and socially. I have errands to run, jobs to do-I don’t even really have the time to spend writing this review about this book.