6 Dec Explore Ovonic Unified Memory with Free Download of Seminar Report and PPT in PDF and DOC Format. Also Explore the Seminar Topics. devices like Phase change memory (PCM), also called as Ovonic Unified Memory with OUM there were various other memory devices like FRAM, MRAM, and. Abstract: The development status of Ovonic Unified Memory (OUM), a phase- change non-volatile semiconductor memory technology for VLSI stand-alone.

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One of the fundamental approaches to manage this challenge is using new materials to build the next generation transistors. These devices are not solid state. Current memory technologies have a lot of limitations. Latest Seminar Topics for Engineering Students. To activate this cell structure, a voltage is applied between the top and bottom electrodes, modifying unidied organic material.

The fundamental idea of lvonic these technologies is the bistable nature possible for of the selected material. But now we are entering an era of material limited scaling.

As stated, revising the memory technology fields ovnoic by silicon technology is of great importance. Semiconductors form the fundamental building blocks of the modern electronic world providing the brains and the memory of products all around us from washing machines to super computers. And if promises to integrate easily with the unifed existing chip manufacturing process.

Different voltage polarities are used to write and read the cells. It also was desired to maximize the potential memory density of the technology by placing the memory element directly above the transistors and below the first level of metal. A voltage is applied upon the crystal, which in turn polarizes the internal dipoles up or down. These memory technologies when needed to expand will allow expansion only two-dimensional memoory.


Ovonic Unified Memory

Are you interested in any one of this Seminar, Project Topics. Taking this one degree further, Macronix pioneered cross-point PRAM, which is composed simply of a self-aligned chalcogenide cell sandwiched between menory address lines that is, with no transistor or diode selection element. As silicon technology approaches its material limit, and as we reach the end of the roadmap, an memoru of emerging research devices will be of foremost importance in the identification of new materials to address the corresponding technological requirements.

However, these emerging research technologies will be faced with an uphill technology challenge. The thin-film material is a phase-change chalcogenide alloy similar to the film used to store information on commercial CD-RW and DVD-RAM optical disks, based on proprietary technology unifidd developed by and exclusively licensed from Energy Conversion Devices.

Ovonic Unified Memory | Seminar Report, PPT, PDF for ECE Students

These make them good possibilities for development. MRAM stores information by flip flopping two layers of magnetic material in and uniied of alignment with an electric current.

Many new ovknic technologies were introduced when it is understood that semiconductor memory technology has to be replaced, or updated by its successor since scaling with semiconductor memory reached its material limit. Phase change memory also called Ovonic unified memory OUMis based on rapid reversible phase ovonkc effect in materials under the influence of electric current pulses. Identification of new materials has been, and still is, the primary means in the development of next generation semiconductors.

In the case of Polymer memory data stored by changing the polarization of the polymer between metal lines electrodes. Instead, a very small platter coated in chalcogenide is dragged beneath many thousands or even millions of electrical probes uhified can read and write the chalcogenide.

In the MRAM, data are stored by applying magnetic fields that cause magnetic materials to be magnetized into one of two possible magnetic states.


Nowadays, digital memories are used in each and every fields of day-to-day life. Measuring resistance changes in the cell performs the function of reading data.

OUM – Wikipedia

Download your Reports for Ovonic Unified Memory Nowadays, digital memories are used in each and every fields of day-to-day life. These cells are either in crystalline state, where electrical resistance is low or in amorphous state, where resistance is high.

MRAM is built on top of silicon circuitry. Test results confirmed that the insertion of a chalcogenide manufacturing flow had no effect on measured CMOS transistor parametric and did not change the total dose ovonnic of the base technology. OUM’s dynamic range, difference between the electrical resistance in the crystalline state and in the amorphous state – is wide enough to allow more than one set of ON and OFF values in a cell, dividing it into several bits and multiplying memory density by two, four potential even 16 times.

These properties essentially make OUM an ideal commercial memory. Also the storage capacities are not enough to fulfill the exponentially increasing mempry. Are you interested in this menory. One or two of them will become the mainstream. The OUM uses the reversible structural phase-change in thin-film material e. The base of the heater is connected to a diode. OUM cells can be programmed to intermediate resistance values; e. Ovonic Unified Memory Published on Dec 06, Next Generation Memories nuified all of the good attributes of memory.

PRAM can be constructed in a number of different ways but there are two notable methods. Then mail to us immediately to get the full report.

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