Manejo de epifitias del Virus de la mancha anular de la papaya utilizando barreras de Zea mays L. en Carica papaya L. []. Cabrera, D., Universidad Central. del virus de la mancha anillada del papayo (PRSV) que infecta Carica papaya L. en El virus de la mancha anular de la papaya (Papaya Ringspot Potyvirus. Epiphyte management of Papaya ringspot virus using Zea mays L. barriers in Carica papaya L. Rev. Protección Veg. [online]. , vol, n.2, pp.

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Los resultados observados en este trabajo muestran que todas las accesiones evaluadas resultaron sensibles a la enfermedad bajo condiciones de campo, aunque con diferencias entre ellas.

De Boer, and H. Anula de la Cruz, and E. All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Yields were evaluated at 9 mo after transplanting. Transgenic papaya varieties that are resistant to PRSV entered production in and resuscitated the industry. Analyzing the mosaic structure of genes.

In order to implement successful vector control, frequent preventative sprays are required, which is rarely done. Journal of General VirologyReading, v. A rapid alkaline extraction procedure for screening recombinant plasmid DNA. A lw analysis was conducted initially with 21 new CP sequences of PRSV from Norte de Santander, including 54 isolates reported in 11 different countries obtained from the GenBank database.

The genetic distances at the synonymous sites dS and non-synonymoussites dnas well as the nucleotide diversity, were estimated according to the Pamilo-Bianchi-Li method Pamilo and Bianchi, The accession “Amarilla de Duaba” had symptoms two months after the first assessment MAFAwhile for the remaining accessions, symptoms were noted after only five MAFA but at proportions that differed among them. Brazil accounts for nearly half of global output, with India second and Nigeria third in worldwide production.


Characteristics, pathogenicity, sequence variability and control”. Evidence for diversifying selection in Potato virus Y and in the coat protein of other potyviruses.

For this reason, it is necessary to gain knowledge on the nucleotide composition of viral isolates at the local level, which would provide a better addressing for the design of control strategies.

Studies on the lz evolution of viruses are essential for understanding their biological characteristics, changes in virulence, geographical ranges and their emergence as new epidemics. The Papaya ringspot virus PRSVa member of the potyvirus that is transmitted by aphids within the Potyviridae family, is the main limiting amular for papaya Carica papaya L.

The epidemiology of PRSV-P in papaya is similar to that of other non-persistent viruses and macnha is transmitted directly from papaya to papaya Bateson et al. Evaluation of methods for detecting fe from DNA sequences: Oily or water-soaked spots and streaks appear on the trunk and petioles. The analysis was performed by comparing the nucleotide sequences of the region that encode the coat protein CP of nine PRSV isolates from the Villa del Rosario location and 12 isolates from the Campo Hermoso location.

Virus Genes 35, Many examples of long-distance spread and establishment of plant virus in new regions or countries can be attributed to seed-borne inoculum transported by the seed trade Wilson, Control untreated against the virus ; II.

Production was then moved from Oahu to the Puna region of Hawaii island the “Big Island” under strict quarantine. The fruit will exhibit bumps and the classic “ringspot”. Literature cited Abdalla, O.

Few results related to the control of plant viruses have been reported successfully, and less research has been carried out under field conditions for the pathogens.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. SunUp is thought to be more resistant to exotic strains of PRSV, while Rainbow has shown susceptibility to such exotic strains of the virus. The Plant Health Instructor. PRSV, coat protein, recombination, papaya, sequencing. Carica papaya; papaya; papaya diseases; Q VI; red Maradol; viral inhibitor. Phylogenetic analysis The differences in the nucleotide similarity between the PRSV isolates from each location in Norte de Santander are reflected in the phylogenetic tree that groups the isolates into two different clades Fig.


A severe isolate of PRSV has also been shown to cause tissue necrosis.

Papaya ringspot virus

Seed transmissibility of papaya ringspot virus. Similar results with formulations containing ribavirin have been reported in virus control, by inhibiting the viral messenger RNA guanylation process that stimulates the natural defenses of plants Jean-Claude et al, The treatments were as follows: Backlash against GMO papaya has resulted in surreptitious destruction of papaya plantations under the cover of darkness.

Articles with ‘species’ microformats. Potyviruses are able to infect different types of tissue in host plants, including seeds, although the function of the transmission by seed in the evolution and epidemiology of viral pathogens remains uncertain.

The possible reason for this type of cluster that includes isolates from geographically distant regions was discussed earlier.

Assessment of Cuban papaya (Carica papaya L.) accessions against ringspot

Using genetic phylogeny studies, researchers suspect the virus originated in Asia, likely India, about 2, years ago. The results may be of importance to implementing control strategies for PRSV in Colombia in the future through biotechnological approaches. Each of the previous reactions were mixed with6. This incident was unique in that transgenic crops are usually developed and promoted by commercial operations, while transgenic papaya and the case for deregulation was adopted by University of Hawaii researchers.