I will begin by saying that the original Cult of Ecstasy Tradition Book was my favorite of The Cult of Ecstasy aren’t just the “party mages” one might expect from. When the mages get to the party, though, they find out that there’s a very specific point to all the revelry. The Cult of Ecstasy does use things like drugs and music. When interfaced with the Lakishim the mage is briefly like unto a god, and can Cult of Ecstasy mages only suffer half the penalty of other mages for having.

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Some things just work better for some people than others. Peeking into the future and fiddling with coincidences make you the ultimate instigator uclt a chain of goodwill, a Pay-it-forward series that you plan to keep going for as long as possible.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Ecstatic practices in mad, frenzied passion distinguished them from the conservatism of the times, yet their uncanny knack for foresight let them arrive in the right places at the right times.

These dancers esctasy in all of the club scenes, creating magic in the waves of humanity that throng such venues.

Cult of Ecstasy – Reality Deviants ~ A Mage: The Ascension Story

It is the province of the Cult of Ecstasy to take these private vices and push them to the forefront of discussion, to tear away the taboos that surround thf practices and to force society to face the wisdom to be gained from them.

Although it doesn’t replace the usefulness of Etiquette culh Streetwise ability, it does mean that the Cultist has a reasonable expectation of what to bring and how to behave to fit in with folks from all social circles.

While members may seem on the surface to be totally without center, the Cult actually searches for those with a very strong sense of self, however well hidden this strength may be. A Cultist might begin the day working hard at the gym, spend the culy debating philosophy with professors at the local university, follow dinner by jumping into the pit at an underground punk show and then rave til dawn with the local club-going elite.


Other peoples’ perceptions can also be altered.

The trick is to wean the mage away from the thought that the drug, music or other tool is the experience. Of course that door was always there; you just never noticed it before, right?

Music, dance, sex, exercise, drugs — anything that can be pursued to exhaustive, passionate explosions of feeling is fair game. In both cases, the roots of the Tradition came together with people who broke down their own boundaries of perception and comfort in the pursuit of wisdom.

To them, the heartbeat of many people moves beyond the mind of the one; the actions taken in the heat of frenzied dance reflect basic human impulse unfettered by reasoning or prudish mores. Perception, after all, is reality.

They understand that time is a human-constructed idea, just like ethics and language. If you want to discuss contents of this page – this is the easiest way to do it. Eccstasy with the mercurial fae, the Fellowship of Pan indulges in rites of sex, drinking, and Muse-inspired poetry and debate.

Cult of Ecstasy

Something does not work as expected? If the mage doesn’t pay attention to what she’s really doing — looking beyond her mind and her life for answers — she runs the very real risk of becoming dependent on her focus to do magic in any way, or even just to live.

They, too, see the Code of Ananda as weakness. She begins to understand that the only tool that’s really necessary to move beyond customary boundaries is her own mind. All of the Cult’s understanding comes with a serious glitch, unfortunately.

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However, the enlightened K’an Lu see the need for a balance between discipline and excess, so they too practice martial arts, meditation, trances and discipline. Although sanity and safety are left behind, the true experience lies beyond — learning comes from new experience, not repetitions of old, tired things. And that dependency isn’t just psychological. The Ecstatics’ tools generally end up as crutches. As a whole, the Cult eschews structure in favor of encouraging creative, often chaotic rebellion.

Email required Address never made public. Drugs, pain, hunger, intense sexual stimulation, dance and music are the traditional tools for achieving a trance state, and the Cult hasn’t really seen the need to change any of them. Tools like sex and drugs — the Kamamarga, or paths to ecstasy — just open the door.

Paradigm Summary: Cult of Ecstasy

They practice the Mind Sphere in their pursuit of emotional mastery. Rooted on the value of asceension and sensation, the Cult of Ecstasy believes that magic is born from the mastery of the senses and understanding that things such as obstacles only exist as we perceive them.

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Popular opinion has it that sex, drugs and rock-‘n’-roll are what the Cult is about. The ecstatic state is just a mind open to new experiences because it’s released from the confines of self-imposed ecstazy.

This rather extreme philosophy denies the Ecstatic Code of Ananda, and most other Ecstatics stay the hell away from these dangerous types. The core of the Cult’s approach to magic lies in the belief that the senses can be extended to include just about everything.