Knocked Out By My Nunga-Nungas is a book by English author Louise Rennison . It was published in It is the third book of ten in the Confessions of. Stream Knocked Out By My Nunga-Nungas written and read by Louise Rennison by HarperCollins Publishers from desktop or your mobile. KNOCKED OUT BY MY NUNGA-NUNGAS: Further, Further Confessions of Georgia Nicolson. Louise Rennison, Author. HarperCollins $ (p) ISBN .

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Rosie was put a mermaid outfit and there were fishfingers as snacks. Georgia is incredibly shallow and vain and she stays that way for the entire book and series for that matter. Georgia gets herself into one hilarious predicament after another. You call the attachment of two people at the mouth and possible exchange of saliva in a rhythmic manner: Well, that was nnga possible, since the publisher has decided to make only the third book this one and subsequent books available electronically.

I got a real kick out of these funny, honest, unsentimental YA books.

Dancing In My Nuddy-Pants. What’s the first thing you do after hanging up? However, these books are certainly addictive.

Your parents don’t notice because they’re too busy prematurely exposing their four-year-old daughter to numbers 6 through 8.

Knocked Out by my Nunga Nungas by Mackenzie Sutaris on Prezi

They’re written as the diary of a British girl named Georgia, and she covers all the drama, hilarity, embarassment, etc. While caring for a very sick relative and dealing with all the stress that goes along with such a taskI wanted something fun and silly and light-hearted to read to leaven the seriousness of my ongoing work.

On the other hand though, I find it extremely alarming how rude Georgia is to everyone around her, especially the following: We must remember, however, that he is not English. Maybe this would appeal to some people but this book does not appeal to me.


Louise koncked died on the February 29, She is 15 and, while not a great role model, a pretty accurate representation of a 15 year old girl. In the ever mind changing pace of a teenager, while Georgia is so happy to be SG’s girlfriend swoon, and let us think about the snogging she also may possibly like Dave the Laugh again, nunyas though she dumped him and he was just a Red Herring.

But I am not an idiot, and you know, other girls like me. After finishing this book, I’m not sure I need to have read the first two to get what’s going on here.

What’s up with that? Georgia whines, her little sister comes in and is weirdly cute at random points Georgia whines about this alsoher mother flirts with any random guy, Georgia is mean to her “best friend” Jas who usually doesn’t deserve it, and Georgia can’t decide between and whines about the pluses and minuses of Robbie the Sex God who makes her legs go “jelliod” or Dave the Laugh who nibbles her lip during snogging and who she can coherently communicate with.

After Georgia’s dad tries to get him to do it, came out covered in kitty litter, and Angus had laid waste numga loo rolls, Georgia took him out. View all 14 comments.

Knocked Out by My Nunga-Nungas by Louise Rennison

This is child neglect. You run back to Cottage Crap, snuggle down in your holiday bed and spend some time on your holiday project fantasy snogging. At least there the both of them spend time together and get the opportunity to develop some feelings. If you end up with jibberish, you’re not ready for the hilariosity of this universe and are not allowed to walk la marche avec mystery with the Jealous Knickers.

The laugh-out-loud events begin when the heroine must leave her Sex God behind to go on holiday with her family in Och-aye land Scotlandwhere the teens hang out at a hour supermarket “Is that the groovy thing to junga up there then? It is a full character that it wouldn’t surprise me if sometime it has lines and full on scenes.


Knocked Out By My Nunga-Nungas

She makes mistakes that I love these books. You stop speaking to them and conspire with your sister to go on permanent dirty nkocked. On Georgia’s turn, she got a “true”, so in revenge of Jas’ vegetable knicker dare, she asked “Do you fancy anyone besides the Sex God?

It’s just a little dab here and there.

Another day, Georgia phones up Robbie, who tells her about talent scouts coming to the next Stiff Dylans gig. I love ouut despite these things, Georgia remains a lovable character, and we get to see the chinks in her armour, as it were. It was published in Later, she finds out that the “talent scout” she danced in front of was Dom’s dad, who knockeed with the equipment. And NO matter that Vati cut his cat parts, he is going to be a father!!!

It is the third book of ten in the Confessions of Georgia Nicolson series. Second Booktubathon book completed! He was fastened to nugas kitchen table leg, but that didn’t stop him. During the Dylans’ set, Georgia sees a man in a suit by the stage. She tells her about being molested by Jock McThick, and Jas says that Georgia makes it easy for blokes to fondle her basoomas although she says this whilst making very little sense about other things.