KEMPEROL 2K-PUR is a two-component, UV-stable high performance seamless and self-terminating cold fluid-applied polyester reinforced solvent-free. KEMPEROL 2K-PUR Speedshot combined with KEMPEROL 2K-PUR is the ideal solution for all applications where speed is essential. These include balconies. KEMPEROL® 2K-PUR is a solvent-free and odourless, fully reinforced, polyurethane resin-based liquid waterproofing system. It is ideal for use on sustainablility.

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Heavy-duty polyethylene pedestals specifically designed for use with specified precast concrete pavers. Company specializing in performing the work of this section with a minimum of 3 years documented experience and approved by system manufacturer for warranted membrane installation.

Do not install products under environmental conditions outside manufacturer’s absolute limits. Electronic Field Vector Mapping EFVM test shall be completed prior to the installation of the overburden, but after the membrane receives a final inspection. Create openings in drainage core to correspond with all discharge holes in the drain at the structural deck level. Pour entire resin Component B into entire resin Component A and thoroughly mix components with a clean spiral agitator.

If substrate preparation is the responsibility of another installer, notify Architect of unsatisfactory preparation before proceeding. Control or expansion joints in excess of 2 inches in width and all expansion joints subject to vehicular traffic require the use of a separate engineered joint system.

Fit insulation and cover board at all penetrations, projections, and nailers. Once the joint is in place the application of the Traffic Surfacing system may start. Kemperol 2K-PUR highly permeable roofing membrane Kemperol 2K-PUR is solvent free and odourless, making it suitable for use in areas where solvent-based products would be disruptive.

For non-vehicular expansion joints in excess kemoerol 2 inches apply a minimum 8 inch strip of Kemperol membrane onto the primed field substrate on both sides of kkemperol joint.


Distance between joints should not exceed 20 linear feet. Apply additional liquid resin mix on top of fleece at the manufacturer’s recommended application rate to finish the saturation of the fleece. Accelerator to be used with cream resin Component Kekperol prior to mixing of multi-component resin. Panel ends are to be butted in the same manner. When deciding on the extent of the mock-up, consider all the major different types of work on the project.

Store products in manufacturer’s unopened packaging with labels intact until ready for installation.

After completion of mineral aggregate surfacing, avoid any traffic for a minimum of 3 days. Notify the Architect pyr in the event the test results are below specified values. Install separation mat on top of the finished waterproofing membrane or extruded polystyrene insulation.

Kemperol 2K-PUR highly permeable roofing membrane | Kemper System | ESI Building Design

At membrane tie-offs, clean in-place membrane with MEK methyl ethyl ketone solvent or acetone once resin has cured. Two coating applications are recommended for best coverage and appearance.

Provide a minimum vertical height of 8 inches for all flashing terminations. Sensitive areas such as schools, public places and food manufacturing plants, Applications that favour the use of the most environmentally friendly products, Floors of boiler, control and plant rooms, Complex detailing, Roofs, Balconies, Terraces, Podiums, Fountains and Gutters.

Primer application past the membrane terminations requires surfacing with an approved material. Final resin coating should be smooth and uniform. Porous and higher moisture content concrete substrates may require an adjustment to the primer application rate or multiple coats to achieve proper pore saturation and sealing.

Delete the paragraphs that are not applicable. Field Quality Control Tests of completed sections of waterproofing membrane shall be successfully completed before proceeding with protection layers and overburden.

All pins, dowels and other fixation elements shall be flashed separately with a vertical flashing component prior to installing the exposed flashing layer. Resin should be rolled or brushed liberally and evenly onto the surface using a broad, even stroke.


Install a strainer basket to prevent debris from clogging the drainage line.

Install clamping ring if provided as part of the drain or scupper design. After 48 hours at 73 degrees F, 50 percent relative humidity with rubber pneumatic tires. Fill cavities with a patching mixture of primer and approved kiln-dried sand in a 1: Prepare a written report of results of pud and unsuccessful inspection testing and submit to Architect within 7 days following each test. Expansion Joints in Excess of 2 Inches: Notify the membrane manufacturer of pud completion and schedule a final inspection date.

To be applied between hours after application at 73 degrees F, 50 percent relative humidity. Apply sealer at the manufacturer’s specified coverage rate to provide kemprrol sealed, maintainable surface finish.

Walk on the boards to spread the roofing adhesive for maximum contact. For use over concrete substrates only. Two component epoxy-based or polyurethane based colored sealer, as follows:.

Ensure that moisture does not damage any completed section of the new waterproofing system. White spots are indications of unsaturated fleece or lack of adhesion. Cut the water separation mat at perimeter and penetration locations so as to neatly fit the mat at all flashing locations.

KEMPEROL┬« 2K-PUR Liquid Applied Solvent-Free and Odourless Waterproofing – Cold Roof System

Flood test shall be of a 24 hour minimum duration, and shall apply a 2 inch water head of over the entire application area. Install filters in accordance with requirements and recommendations of the filter manufacturer. Temporary flashings are not allowed without prior written approval from the Membrane manufacturer.

Kempertec primer, Kemmperol 2k fully re-enforced solvent-free waterproofing. Field Quality Control Flood Test: