Something dark sleeps deep in the ocean, emanating a power darker and more destructive than anything imaginable. And there are those that would wish to. Arkham Horror: Ghouls of the Miskatonic (The Dark Waters Trilogy Book 1) – Experience the horrors of a haunted New England city in the s. Ghouls of the Miskatonic. Something dark sleeps deep in the ocean, emanating a power darker and more destructive than anything imaginable. And there are.

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After a bit I decided not to force myself to pick it up again. Has anyone read this book prior to playing the game or with no knowledge of the universe it takes place in?

Ghouls of the Miskatonic

Honestly, the overall impression that I got of this book was that I just didn’t really care about it. Got this for free from Fantasy Flight Games and was pleasantly surprised to find I enjoyed it!

But it gets better. Te fun in a slightly cheesy way. But seeing the Jazz singer and Trumpet player whose names i can’t recall right now and i’m too lazy to look them up show up in a jazz club, play a song and then disappear from the story was weird.

The book has a few parts that are woefully anachronistic. I would definitely recommend “Ghouls of the Miskatonic” to any Arkham Horror fan or any Lovecraft fan.

Book Review: Ghouls of the Miskatonic by Graham McNeill

When the mutilated body of a student is found on the grounds of Miskatonic University, the baffled authorities struggle to determine who – or what – is responsible. Trivia About Ghouls of the Mis Even after reading this book, it is hard to know how much I enjoyed it.


I’ve always had a hard time reading books based on games and books set in “worlds” that the author isn’t the original creator of. It builds up enough of an image that life is relatively normal here still and that, even with the high strung roaring twenties going on, normality is still largely dominant. It did not make the story tne interesting, the chapters just seemed out of place in my opinion. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

Ghouls of the Miskatonic by Graham McNeill

A lot of the characters and locations from the game feature prominently. The sequence in the speakeasy club, the Commercial, could have easily been cut in half. Entertaining in a popcorn way. I hope the rest of the series can live up to the energy this one produced. There are tough characters and there are those who know their limits. Ultimately it’s the perfect three star novel; it does everything you want it to do just well enough to have you finish it, but not necessarily well enough to recommend it to everyone you know.

Lovecraft and the various homages and pastiches and rip-offs of his writings up through the s and beyond.

Yale was way ahead of its time, admitting female undergraduates all the way miskaonic in I was disappointed by this book by McNeill. First, the presence of women at Miskatonic University. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

The prose is full of miksatonic clunkers like, “A leather-bound notebook, its pad encased in leather. While these things are brewing, Finn Edwards, an Irish bootlegger, is involved in a whiskey exchange gone bad as otherworldly beings intervene. One particular corpse, found near the athletic field of MU, brings a reporter and photographer—Rex and Minnie—unto the scene.


On the other however, this helps to create the trappings of a more traditional horror story while still leaving it open enough to emphasise the surprise of something truly otherworldly. It did start slow, but once you get past the buildup and into the action it goes fast becoming a literal page-turner.

This is not the miakatonic defining feature of her character though and she’s developed from the very outset on different grounds, the touch about experience with voodoo seems a bit tacked on. Hte course that’s a. Each of the other characters seems to get some depth to their characterizations. Email required Oc never made public. No matter what you think of his works, McNeill is one of those authors who will always stick to his guns.

Then, like I said, we get glitches. Were there not less conspicuous people to kill? All action is in the last two or three chapters.

It has Irish dock workers, Pinkerton agents, Irish bootleggers, rundown boarding houses, and wise-cracking newsagents with cute photographers.

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