This is the full edition of James Axler’s Death Lands series Book # I claim no right to this book, all rights belong to James Axler. Description: On a January day, . Deathlands # 1 -Pilgrimage to Hell [James Axler] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. On a crisp January day, a Presidential inaugurtion day. Pilgrimage To Hell (Deathlands) [James Axler, Jack Adrian] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. On a January day, a Presidential.

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I really enjoyed reading this book. I don’t think these books are still available in book format however they have been transferred to an audiobook format th This was a pretty good story. One eyed hero and his group have to go through time portals before some time runs out [s].

Ryan Cawdor leads a team after Scale with the intention of extracting revenge, and to make sure that Scale can never attempt such a stunt again. I write it off as a product of it’s time, but I still winced whenever the book got sexist. This looks to be a long series and I don’t know how much of it I’ll get around to reading but there could be worse ways to spend ones time. They destroy it using implode grenades, but not before Koll is killed by it.

Reading this book it felt like I had been caught in an awful B-type movie. Where Tolkien s I really enjoyed reading this book. Seemed to end rather abruptly, but then, the set up was over.

You don’t know how the heck you got to it, but somehow you have to know how it ends. Ryan learns from him that he obtained the nerve gas from a man who calls himself the Warlockor The Magus. I’m sure the intricate details of how the Cold War ruined the entire planet was very fascinating at one time, but whew, it comes across deathlandss a bit of overkill now.

Glad I listened to it instead of reading it. It’s a post-apocalyptic story with a western vibe to it. There are volumes of Deathlands, written by 12 different authors under the house name James Axler. Otherwise I liked it. Books by James Axler.


Pilgrimage to Hell | Deathlands Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Very few of the attackers escape with their lives. Even among the “good guys” with their moral code they looks are what’s discussed first and foremost. Just glad I found the Deathlands and something new to sink my teeth into. Like the Executioner series Mac Bolan they rely on a strong, driven protagonist who kills all the bad guys with lots of different weapons.

Very similar story to the previous book Encounterso much so that it deathlandd easy to feel like parts were recycled. No trivia or quizzes yet. Dystopia book series probably written in the 90s [s]. He rambles on about redoubts, gateways, and a fog. They are totally pulp marketed toward long haul truckers with actual commercials [for their own product] at the end of some of the discs. The characters are fairly flat but interesting. The man thanks her for the timely rescue, introduces himself as Ryan.

I read it and liked it, and a lot of the characters and concepts stuck with me over the years, but it was only recently I decided to try and get deatjlands the “trucker series” these books and audiotapes seem to always be for sale at truck stops. He then orders her to be let up, dressed and taken away. Deathlands 1 – 10 of books.

Subsequent explosions around the globe changed the face and the shape of the earth forever.

I’ve been i I’d give this a 2. Entering war wag one, he disarms the remaining boobie trap and mans one of the vehicles many weapons. A series of well-timed coincidences and betrayals throw the group together and deahtlands leave the safety of the convoy in order to explore the entirety of Deathlands, searching for a place of peace where they can live happily and safe all their days.

Being a fan of Apocalyptic novels i picked up Deathlands without realizing there are almost of the buggers. Sort of a B movie of books, and my fourth veathlands is there to reflect my interest in pilgrkmage subject matter, not the quality of the writing. They decide that ten of the remaining crew will head the rest of the way to this hidden redoubt on foot.

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The next writer to work under the “Axler” deathlande name was prolific author Mark Ellis. My brother Scott bought a few Deathlands novels that I remember while growing up. That is how Strasser got his hands on her. Dix also brought CharlieKurt and Doc with them when they escaped.

The book is very violent and sometimes pretty graphically so. Ryan Cawdor is the second-in-command to Trader, a powerful nomad who has prospered and brought hwll degree of stability by discovering ancient caches of weapons, ammunition, fuel, and vehicles.

Samantha the panther kills the only survivor who managed to escape the bar.

To see what your friends thought of this dfathlands, please sign up. Published October 1st by Graphic Audio first published It is at this time that Ryan and his people attack.

Pilgrimage to Hell

I have always been a fan of post-apocalyptic settings and this book was one hell pilgrkmage a ride from start to finish. I would give it 3. Jul 30, Tim added it. After exploring the redoubtthey find the locked entrance that leads into the gateway chamber.

Groups come together to form “Ville’s” the only form of civilization and these villes are controlled for most part by ruthless insane barons, who always have ‘sec men’ to protect the ville. Characters growl out things like “Burn it down” or “I couldn’t give a nuke”; everything is oriented to the world-changing event of a hundred years ago.