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Your brightened countenance wll be our proof. Zalal jafa anna waqad zala sshaqa. And carry this messages. By Allah, your SAW fervent lover would not be upset. Walam yazal yanquluni rabbi minal aswlabil karimatil fakhira ilal arhami zzakiyyati twahira hetta akhrajaniyallahu min baini abawayya walam yaltaqiya ala sifahin qatt.

But 20th and 21st centuries innovationist claimed that he himself was the Salafi or Vahabi follower. Ya habeebi ya muhammad. You are the one who knows all secrets and all hidden matters. Fafutiha abwabul jinan wa tazayyanatil huru wal wildan wadukhat bashairul afrah wa zaharat kawakibu sswabah. It stood infront of you very humbly.

The appointed student also reached to the same conclusion after the thorough investigation.

Badar Moulid – Rememberance of Battle of Badar |

Until now the program was downloaded times. Hadha malihul wajhi hadhal aouhadu. And all in the earth and the heaven greeted you. Unknown November 5, at 7: You are the last Prophet.


In all dangers for me.

Then All the night, holy lights were shining in the confident forehead of Amina R. Wa maqamuhul mahmudu yaumal mauidee. You’ll have access to: Wanadaha fi muharramin Jibrilu alaihissalam bianna waqta wiladatiha qaddana,wastwaffatil malaikatu manzilaha fi swafer.

Oh Messenger, peace be upon you.

The morning sun that shines in that auspicious time …. Wa hubbu ilal islami wal manzili rrahbi. Wasama fi arfae ddaraji. Anta lil maula shakooru. You are our saviour from the burning.

Badar Moulid on PC/Mac

There are so many proofs and miracles related to him SAW. Heena ma shaddul mahamil. Innana narju li shafiena. Hubbukum fi qalbna mahwun.

No one is more righteous than you at all. Allahumma inna natawassalu ilaika bismikal aleem.

In the respect of his SAW great birthday, there had occurred many happy good things. Click stars to rate this APP! He submitted the new ,oulid and curriculum to Darul Uloom to strengthen the religious education, he regulated the periods to the Thafseer, Hadeeth, Fiqh, Manthiq, Mahani, Hisab, Tharik historygeography, Haiath, Handusa, Munalara, Swarf, Nahv, etc.

You are the one who saves us tomorrow, through your sacred shafa-a intercession. Badar was one of the major battle between believers and non-believers where believers was out numbered believers vs non-believers. In understanding you, Oh Handsome!


Moulid Kithab Free Download

He introduced many reformation based on the institution and encouraged material studies. Some parts were extracted from other moulids and shortenedwhile other themes were added by himself to cater to the problems of the Malabar region at that time. The full moon has risen on us. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. There are many Quranic and Prophetic evidences to establish this matter.

So he became a luminous leader of Kerala. Anta ummun am abu ma raaina fihima. Wa tazallal baina yadaika. Feeka ya badrun tajalla. I went to them with flowing tears.

Badar Moulid apk

And She was safe against all hidden fears. This institution was originally established in Then I thought that I would kiss his hands. Mohammed Educational Empowerment of Kerala Muslims: Allahuma swalli ala muhammadin wa-ala aali sayidina Muhammadin.