The Apology of St. Aristides of Athens (translation by M. R. James). On Early Christian Writings. Aristides also, a believer earnestly devoted to our religion, left, like Quadratus, an apology for the faith, addressed to Adrian. His work, too, has been preserved. Here follows the defense which Aristides the philosopher made before Hadrian the King on behalf of reverence for God. All-powerful C├Žsar Titus Hadrianus.

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If then Herakles is a god, and in all these calamities was unable to rescue himself, how should others ask help from him?

And thence, O king, it is right for us to understand the error of the Barbarians, that, whereas they have apoloy investigated concerning the true God, zpology have fallen away from the truth and have gone after the desire of their own mind, in serving elements subject to dissolution, and dead images: His memory is kept by the Church on 31 August. And his worshippers sacrifice their children to him, and they burn some of them alive in his honour.

The Apology of Aristides the Philosopher

Hoc unum scire necesse est, qui creaturas universas Providentia sua gubernat, ipsum esse Dominum Deum et creatorem omnium: Christianorum tandem genus a Domino Jesu Christo oritur. And since we find more and closer parallels between the fragments preserved by Origen from the great work of Celsus and our Apology than between most of the other books of the century, it is at least a fair question whether Aristides was not one of the persons to whom Celsus undertook aristidss reply.

So too aristidex have erred who have thought concerning the sun that he is God. There are one or two points in which we may get some authority from the Armenian for the original text.

Mosaic of Christ PantocratorHagia Sophia.

For the waters were created for the use of manand are put under his rule in many ways. And he purifies his heart, and his sins are forgiven him, because he committed them in ignorance in the former time, when he used to blaspheme and speak evil of the true knowledge of the Christians. On the other aristids, the reference to the “Hebrew virgin” is precisely the language of the Apology.

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With this agrees the dating of the Latin version of Jerome. He who has no other god as His fellow: Until recent times, then, all that could be said on the subject of these lost Apologies was that we had Eusebian tradition for their existence, Eusebian authority for their date, and a Eusebian extract from one of them as a specimen of sub-apostolic defence, a mere brick from a vanished house.

Counter to Him and opposed there is no one: Indeed we may say that one of the surprising things about the Apology is the friendly tone in which the Jews are spoken of: He was 37 pierced by the Jews; and He died and was buried; and they say that after three days He rose and ascended to heaven; and then these twelve disciples went forth into the known parts of the world, and taught concerning His greatness with all humility and sobriety; and on this account those also who to-day believe in this preaching are called Christians, who are well known.

The mistake made by Eusebius need not have been a double error, and the correct reference to Hadrian for Quadratus’s Apology would have furnished a starting-point for the incorrect reasoning with regard to Aristides.

Otherwise it is a great misfortune.

Apology of Aristides

It is however worthy of notice that in Aristides the argument is repeated over and over, and that Celsus answers it, as Origen thought, at unnecessary length. But the good deeds which they do, they do not proclaim in the ears of the multitude, and they take care that no one shall perceive them, and hide their gift, as he who has found a treasure and hides it 5.

Accordingly Origen remarks, [Greek] But God is incorruptible and unchangeable and invisible, while seeing, turning and changing all things. Such, O King, is the commandment of the law of the Christians, and such is their manner of life. As we have said, Aristides does not stand alone in the statement. For a goddess who is carried off is extremely weak. It would be very aristldes to determine how the Martyrologies arrived at these statements.


Apology of Aristides

Thomas Ethiopian titles Maphrian Tewahedo biblical canon. And at length he Kronos went mad, and through fear of an oracle that had been made known to him, he began to devour his sons. But God is not in need, and none of these things is necessary to Him; and it is clear that men err in these things they imagine. And those who have not ability for their own preservation, how will they be able to take care of men?

Once also, Aphrodite was wailing and weeping for the death of Tammuz, and they say that she went down to Sheol that she might redeem Adonis from Persephone, who is the daughter of Sheol Hades.

Apology of Aristides – Wikisource, the free online library

From this it would naturally be inferred that the Quadratus zristides in the letter was a contemporary of Dionysius of Corinth; for the latter writes to the Athenians at once convicting them of slackness in the faith, and congratulating them on their happy revival under the ministration of Quadratus. Now the Egyptians, because they arc more evil and ignorant than all peoples upon the earth, have erred more than all men. And thus they apolpgy their whole lifetime.