A World Restored [Henry A.; Henry A. Kissinger Kissinger] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Political Studies, History. 7 Apr Read a free sample or buy A World Restored by Henry Kissinger. You can read this book with Apple Books on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch. 5 Feb Henry Kissinger is an icon within the American foreign policy community, but that was not always the case. A World Restored Metternich.

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Secondly, I really developed an It implies the acceptance of the framework of the international order by all major powers, at least to the extent that no state is so dissatisfied that, like Germany after the Treaty of Versailles [ending World War I], it expresses its dissatisfaction in a revolutionary foreign policy Kissinger1.

This is a fantastic book on the Congress of Vienna and the two principal figures who forged the post-Napleonic international order in Europe.

A World Restored: Metternich, Castlereagh and the Problems of Peace, 1812-1822

If you can write this type of book at 30, you certainly deserve a spot with the best thinkers of politics and international relations. Kissinger is quite clear:.

I doubt many people actually read this book to get an understanding of post-Napoleonic Europe or to gain any particular biographical insights into its two main protaganists Metternich and Castlereagh. These he interprets with the aid of categories from his diplomacy vocabulary. Viscount Castlereagh, the British foreign secretary, and Prince von Metternich, his Austrian counterp The Napoleonic Wars were followed by an almost unprecedented century of political worlr.

A practical feature flowing from this discussion of legitimacy centers on what diplomacy can and cannot achieve under particular circumstances.

Want to Read saving…. Even the very best strategists and z may not be able to achieve some political goals. I never actually finished the book. Statesmen must meet two sets of demands — those worlv by the opposing state and those made by domestic audiences. Relevant discussion may be found on the talk page. As the statesman of an old and fragile multilingual empire, Metternich had to deal with the task of organizing the alliance against Napoleon while being a forced ally of France.


Not surprising that a diplomat might somewhat overstate the importance of diplomacy, but interesting to read nonetheless.

Restoredd, the narrative that Kissinger writes makes it sound as if diplomats were the only movers in the twilight of Napoleonic Europe, and that diplomacy was the only means by which a new order was established.

It is this concept of conservativism that Kissinger carried with him through life. Another Napoleon could emerge at any time, and a strong European concert of conservative monarchs, based on principle, was necessary to prevent dangers before they arose. Henry Kissinger is an icon within the American foreign policy community, but that was not always the case. I realized later that that’s why I never had a good appreciation for the work.

This ain’t an ordinary read that one picks kkissinger on travels and finishes in a scoop. He depicts how Czar Alexander became to an extent Metternich’s dupe. Regardless of his ideology, Henry Kissinger has had an important impact on modern politics and few would dispute his brilliance as a strategist. Apr 21, Reading rated it it was ok. Inwhen Henry Kissinger finished his dissertation, he was little known outside of a small circle of academics treading the streets of Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Such a state sees the existing international order or legitimization of it as oppressive; it will never have peaceful relations with the powers party to that order Kissinger2. In a world featuring nuclear weapons, why dissect the diplomatic wrangling of the 19 th century? It is just hard for me to complete it.

This first entry in that effort is wonderfully written and clearly argued. This argument about legitimacy and stability evolved directly from Kissinger studying the Congress of Vienna. Feb 25, Sunil rated it really liked it. These policies may not, however, always be achievable by diplomatic means. In the process, Metternich avoided breaking any of his treaties with his counterparts, as he kissingre that only established order among states would permit fragile Austria to survive.

When he did graduate, Kissinger was already thirty-one years of age and a good deal more experienced than many donning a cap and gown in the spring of This comes in two varieties. The French Revolution of and the subsequent Napoleonic invasion and rule of much of Europe had implanted new liberal revolutionary ideas that were never to be eliminated.

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Dereck Lammers rated it it was amazing Aug 10, Feb 18, Bill Manzi rated it liked it.

This is not a conducive setting for diplomacy. The Cold War was certainly tense and the Soviet Union a potential revisionist state, but stability could be achieved if legitimacy and equilibrium could be established. To the extent that war is just politics kssinger other means, I suppose this is true, but when reading this one gets the impression that Henry believes that Metternich could for instance nullify the presence of the Czar’s k troops on the Rhine with a well timed note or judiciously dropped morsel of disinformation.

A World Restored – Wikipedia

February Learn how and when to remove this template message. Jeffrey Moseley rated it really liked it Dec 25, Jan 23, Russel Henderson rated it really liked it. He ardently believed that by looking back into the past it might be possible to see how historical analogy could be used to help guide policies of the modern age Kissinger The young Jewish man was not just older than many of his fellow resrored students, he had kissingerr in less visible ways, the ways that only a person fleeing for his life might.

An 18th-century rococo figure who was old-fashioned even in his own era but was described as having superlative diplomatic skills, Metternich pursued a peace for Europe, based on restored monarchical principle and on solidarity among the monarchs of Europe. From Wikipedia, kssinger free encyclopedia. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Foreign policy needs to be executed with the sense that all could go terribly wrong; only then is the proper care and foresight employed. Opening the iTunes Store.

That the Congress of Vienna produced a peace that lasted for almost one hundred years makes it a worthwhile case to study. Indeed, the worst can happen in international politics restoeed there may only be choices among bad options.